Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing surgery is widely used in Latin American countries, often as a complement
to traditional medical treatment.

In spiritual healing surgery, any disease (physical, emotional or energy) can be treated. Everyone can receive treatment regardless of religious persuasion as long as the person believes in it and really wishes treatment.

Spiritual surgery is a complementary treatment to any medical treatment you may be
having; therefore, NEVER have the treatment to replace your traditional medical treatment.
You can as a participant receive treatment for up to 3 different diseases / symptoms.
Note that no physical surgical implements are used in these treatments.

Before Treatment

  • Identify three diseases / symptoms you would like treatment for.
  • Complete the Personal Information Form
  • Bring a 1.5  or 2 bottle litre of water to be infused with healing energy specifically for you during treatment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing.

For the treatment

  • Mark your bottle of water with your initials. Markers are available at the registration
  • Wait in the waiting room and when your number is called, take your bottle and Personal Information Form into the healing room. Helpers will direct you from there.
  • Prepare any clothing that covers the area that relates to your requested surgery; for
    example, remove your shoes and socks if you need work on your feet or ankles.
  • During the treatment, a plaster will be put on the affected area. Do not remove this
    plaster unless the spiritual doctor has prescribed it. You should let the plaster fall off naturally. Some people who removed the plaster prematurely suffered discomfort.

After Treatment

It is important to understand that you need to commit to your own treatment. Roberto and his team have identified a number of ways in which the treatment is optimised after the healing session. The spiritual doctors ask you to follow their recommendations for aftercare

  • Drink 50-70 ml of the infused water three times a day for 28 days. One bottle of water will be infused during your healing. Then, over the following four Thursday evenings, the doctors will visit you (see below) and a fresh bottle of water will be infused with healing energy for you. Note that the water can change taste, colour and odour because it has been adapted to your specific treatment. Full details about aspects of the water are on
    the website under the FAQs.

  • For the next five days after treatment avoid hard physical exertions; your body has had major surgery and should be rested to allow the healing to work.
  • For the next five days after treatment, beef, pork, lamb and game meat should be avoided; these proteins are hard to break down in the digestive system and use lots of energy.
  • For the next seven days after the treatment, avoid sexual activity. Sexual energy is very potent and will defuse the healing energy; you need the energy for yourself and your healing.
  • For the next 45 days after treatment, all smoking including vaping should be avoided as it disolves the healing energy.
  • For 45 days after the treatment, do not drink alcohol. The energy of alcohol destroys the healing so if you feel you must drink during that 45 days, do not come for a healing.

Ongoing treatment following session

Your healing is not completed with the treatment on the day itself. On the following four Thursday nights when you are at rest or asleep, your treatment will be continued. To optimise this treatment:

  • Sit or lie down in a quiet place, maybe in bed. It is very important to be in a very restful position. By focussing on the arrival of the doctors, you are ready for them and permitting them to work on you.
  • Put a 1.5 or 2 litre bottle of water beside you or by your bed. During the visit, the spiritual doctors will infuse the water with healing energy.
  • Place a glass with 30 ml of surgical spirits or clear alcohol nearby.
  • As you relax, the spiritual doctors will ‘visit’ and continue the treatment that began during your original session with Dr Fritz. Everyone’s experience of this visit differs, some may feel the treatment, others may not feel anything. It is okay if you fall asleep during the treatment.
  • When you wake up in the morning, it is vital that you throw the surgical spirits or clear alcohol down the sink. This is very important.
  • On Friday morning, when you awake, start the process of drinking 50-70 mls of the infused water three times a day until the following Thursday.

It is recommended that you do not eat beef, pork, lamb or game meat 24 hours before and 24 hours after the spiritual doctors’ visit. You will already be avoiding alcohol and smoking as it is still within the 45 days. Chicken and Fish are OK.

Medical Disclaimer…
A.M.O.R. therapy treatment is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or
treatment. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized medical advice. Always seek the advice of a
physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition or
addiction. Never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice or treatment because of
something you have seen on this leaflet or if you feel unwell.

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